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Welcome to the Unsigned, Me Blog.
Unsigned, Me Blog is here to share real-life experiences and thoughts from the mind of someone with a dysfunctional childhood; depressed self-harming adolescence into my anxiety-ridden, CBT needing adulthood with the comfort and freedom of being anonymous (so my crazy ass family don’t hate me!).
It will always be relatable to someone, truthful to everyone and reassuring to know you’re not alone!

Unsigned Me banner(1)On this blog you’ll find posts about:
Body, Mind & Soul ‖ Family ‖ Lifestyle ‖ Mental Health ‖ Relationships ‖ Top Tips ‖ Natural Hair ‖ Occasional Beauty, Fashion, Politics, Pregnancy & Reviews

Possible names for this blog were “Me, Free”, “Anonymously Me”, “Absolutely Anonymous” and “Secret Life of Me”. I don’t know where Unsigned came from but it stuck in my head so it became Unsigned, Me as it doesn’t feel too focused on secrecy or anonymity.


Even though I’m anonymous, you can call me eMmiE. Mummy to Mini Me 1 (4) and Mini Me 2 (2); in love with my childhood sweetheart Mr Me since 2005 and currently focusing on improving my mental health without trying medication ever again.

I have suffered with depression on and off since 2006; anxiety for as long as I can remember in a variety of ways and witnessed alchoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, dysfunctional relationships and more. A few things I’ve experienced include being in foster care, the side effects and withdrawal symptoms of anti-depressants, postpartum depression, harmful sexual behaviour, I’ve cheated and been cheated on, and drank way too much .

I’m from London and on the wrong side of 25.
I love food although I’m somewhat of a fussy eater and I have the world’s worst sweet tooth which I sometimes try to tame. I have expensive taste for someone who rarely has any money to spare but I decided it won’t always be that way. Pets = more hard-work and cleaning fur that I just don’t need but if I did have a pet I’m pretty certain it would be a dog.


1. I’m 5ft nothing
2. I can only eat eggs as eggs in an omelette
3. I used to be scared to go to the toilet in the dark
4. My horoscope is Scorpio and I think it suits me quite well
5. Teeth and Eyebrows can decide how attracted I am to someone
6. I have 3 very unique tattoos and definitely want more (Mr Me doesn’t like tattoos)
7. The last song I listened to on Spotify was “She’s Royal” by Tarrus Riley8. I care too much
9. Sarcasm is my go to defense mechanism
10. My favourite number is 1


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