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Thank you for your interest in working with Unsigned, Me Blog! You can read all about my blog and how it got started in the About section in the main menu. I would love to work with your company and help with advertisement/promotion to my readers and followers. I am still a newbie blogger but I have a good number of readers and followers that you’ll be able to see from a few basic statistics gathered below.

What I offer
Reviews (destination, service, and product) | Press trips |  Sponsored posts | Sidebar advertising | Social media advertising

Site Demographics
Unsigned, Me Blog primary audiences come out of the United Kingdom (47%) and United States (38%) followed by Australia, Turkey, Canada and Ireland. Unsigned, Me readers are both male (27%) and female (73%), with a large median age of 18-34. The vast majority are interested in Pregnancy, Lifestyle, Mental Health & Relationships.
I have 31 posts published on which works out to 10 posts a month on average with regular interaction and views from Twitter, Facebook and other referrers.

Blog Numbers
Social Media Statistics:

  • Bloglovin: 21
  • Twitter: 615
  • Facebook Page: 450+
  • Klout Score: 50

My monthly blog views in August have doubled from when I started blogging in June and visitors have more than quadtrupled.

Ready to work with me?
Email inquiries to – This email address is checked daily, so you can expect a quick response.