10 Tools For Self-Care I Can’t Live Without

The world is such a negative and busy place to be in right now, full of stress and worries that come with life – money, relationships, responsibilities, careers, politics and the list goes on.

I find the best way to balance all of these negative inputs is with a Self-Care Survival Kit. I like to make sure I have something from all of these categories below at any given time for the days when I need a pick me up – and when suffering from mental health issues as well, this has never been more vital!

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Weekly Round-Up: 30.04.17

General stats of the week (Monday – Sunday):

Good days: 0, Okay days: 7, Bad days: 0. It’s been hella cold this week and I don’t do cold. But nothing massively bad has happened either. I’m in a better place with Mr Me this week.
Books read: Currently reading “Midnight Exposure” by Melinda Leigh
Time’s I’ve Worked Out: 0. I am determined to make this number at least 3/4 next week
Time’s I’ve Chose Social Media over Housework: At least once every day, Monday to Friday. Maybe even more.
Times I’ve had to listen to Sleep With Me podcast: Twice. It’s my go-to when I can’t sleep.
Days I’ve counted down to the Mini’s bedtime then wondered why because they don’t go to sleep: Every damn day. In the holidays, they were fast asleep within minutes; as soon as school starts, no-one wants to be asleep when it’s bedtime. Makes no sense.
Jobs I’ve heard back from: 0. It’s okay. I’m not going to stress about it. Everything in good time. One day at a time…

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27 Things Every 20 Something Year Old Should Know How To Do

In your early teens, you can’t imagine being 25 let alone what your life might be like realistically but you definitely aren’t thinking about the skills you’re going to need as an official “adult”.

Adulting is hard.

Every adult is looking for another adult who is adulting better than they are to save their ass in times of need… until they become that adultier adult that a less adulting adult is looking for!

So, what kind of things should we know to be even semi-successful in this unexpected adulting life we find ourselves in before we even realised? Here’s a list of the top skills I think all 20 something-year-olds need to know!

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Returning To Work After A MH Career Gap

Mental health has plagued me for the last 2 and a half years starting when Master 2 was born.

My escape from PND happened to be returning to work in the form of a Level 3 apprenticeship.

It was all going so well until after managing to shake off PND, my existing anxiety developed and along with the medication for that came depression.
No sooner had I finished my apprenticeship before I was getting ready to resign. I wasn’t motivated; I wasn’t happy; I didn’t even want to get up in the morning. At the time, I thought the problem was my job when in reality, the problem was my mind. Exactly a year after I started my job, I resigned.

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Weekly Round-Up: 23.04.17

General stats of the week (Monday – Sunday):

Good days: 2, Okay days: 2, Bad days: 3.
Books read: Captured by Our Addiction (Book 5 in the Captured series) by Karen Frances
Time’s I’ve Worked Out: 0. No T25 and no gym. I was bleeding like a dog. Leave me.
Time’s I’ve Eaten Terribly: Too many to count and I don’t have Easter as an excuse anymore.
Times I’ve had to listen to Sleep With Me podcast: 3 I think. My anxiety and insomnia was pretty bad this week. I love that this podcast exists!
Days I’ve wondered if I’d be better off without Mr Me: 3. Possibly 4. These accounted for my bad days.
Jobs I’ve applied for: 20 maybe. Having gone from pure anxiety thinking about applying to being able to apply for multiple jobs is a massive thing for me, even if I get 0 responses!

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A Day in the Life of A Stay At Home MH Mama

Today, I am the struggling, tired, shouting, oven fooding, shop going only, don’t want to do a thing parent.

And that’s okay. Because there’s always tomorrow. And my children love me. They can’t read my mind and their love is much greater than any other emotion they know (most of the time). They forgive easily. And they will always remember the hugs and tickles and special film with duvet days.

This isn’t every day. This is just today.

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Blog Stats ║Q1 2017

So, every 3 months I write about my blog traffic. Previously, I was using my Jetpack stats as I messed up Google Analytics but that’s all fixed now so it should be a more accurate review!

My most popular posts were mainly how-to guides and fitness which I love and hope are helping someone somewhere!

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The “About Me” Tag

I don’t have the energy or mind capacity to think of 3/4 posts a week but I am trying to be as regular as I possibly can be. I saw this About Me Tag post on Glam Glitz Gloss and thought I would make it my next post as I’m anonymous and love to share as much about me as possible!

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