A Day in the Life of A Stay At Home MH Mama

Today, I am the struggling, tired, shouting, oven fooding, shop going only, don’t want to do a thing parent.

And that’s okay. Because there’s always tomorrow. And my children love me. They can’t read my mind and their love is much greater than any other emotion they know (most of the time). They forgive easily. And they will always remember the hugs and tickles and special film with duvet days.

This isn’t every day. This is just today.

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Mum’s The Word

You’re just my mum after all. I love you regardless of everything that has been shit in my life and led me to the place I am at now. But really? I’m not perfect, I know but I know you don’t realise how much you’re lack of apology, understanding and consideration impacts the people you birthed. That’s all.

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Once Upon A Christmas…

I mean, who really wants to spend Christmas at a strangers house? Don’t get me wrong, Christmas dinner was nice and we saw cousins we didn’t know but that’s okay, because it’s “family”. But it wasn’t home. It wasn’t our idea of family. It wasn’t our mum, in our house, with our presents.

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Christmas: A Sign of Times

Do you wish it could be Christmas everyday? Have you been rocking around the Christmas tree since firework night finished? Have you been clothes shopping for all the Christmas and New Year parties you’ll be attending?

If like me, the above sounds nothing like you, then join the club of the officially too old for lots of presents; Christmas is now for my kids and I couldn’t stay awake to attend a party even if I could find a childminder.

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Defying Expectations: My Dysfunctional Family

This morning, I had a random scenario play in my mind of Mini Me 1 (4yo) trying to find food for herself and Mini Me 2 (almost 2yo) because Mummy isn’t awake to feed them. I could see her using her little step stool to try and reach things, trying to find something for her little brother that he will eat, wanting cereal but being unable to get to it on top of the fridge.

This has never, in her life or her brother’s, happened and it never will. But just imagining them going through that nearly reduced me to tears and I had to wonder if those tears were for the thought of my children ever suffering like that or if it related to some surpressed memories of my own childhood… maybe a bit of both?

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26 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy & Everything In Between

I have been through quite a few things in my 20 something years of life. More things than some adultier adults. The most important thing is: I have survived!

No matter what anybody tells you, nobody can really tell you how you will feel about it all. What they can do is give you some general advice that lets you know it is going to be okay and you will get through it all, one way or another.

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When All I Want To Do Is Sleep…

If you’ve ever been depressed or suffered with anxiety (and I don’t know what else) then you may have experienced chronic fatigue. It is not a joke nor is it fun. You can sleep for hours and wake up tired or you can get a minimal amount of sleep and be tired but the bottom line is – you’re tired constantly.

Every day is a battle with yourself to get shit done, even the most basic shit, like get dressed or do your hair or feed the kids or don’t go back to sleep… no task is easy because it all requires so much effort and willpower that just living is hard work.

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