5 Ways To Find Blogging Inspiration When Your Mental Tank Is On Empty!

We all have those days or weeks or months when we know we should be doing something – whether it’s blogging, writing our first novel, cleaning the house etc – but it just isn’t happening.

It’s safe to say I am pooped and finding time to blog is something I’m struggling with followed by having something to actually blog about. So, it made the most sense to write about what I’m doing to get inspiration for future blog posts when I finally utilise my 3 free hours a day to write them…

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Chicken, Mushroom & Spinach Curry

Once upon a time (in February 2016) I joined Slimming World and had a Slimming World blog. It was actually quite a success considering I didn’t last very long at Slimming World BUT I do believe in what they do. I believe in the 3rd of every meal to be fruit/veg and I still have their lists of speed foods etc.

This is a curry I made in my first week which is packed with protein and “speed” foods for those who care and is just a healthy curry option for those who don’t!

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Dear Santa…

I know you know I don’t believe in you anymore but let’s pretend you exist for just a second.

I know I haven’t always been nice but I feel like after everything I’ve endured over the last 3 years alone (let alone over the course of my life), it has to be understandable and allow me to stay off the naughty list, right?

I have a long list of Christmas wishes so I hope you were expecting to hear from me this year.

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Christmas: A Sign of Times

Do you wish it could be Christmas everyday? Have you been rocking around the Christmas tree since firework night finished? Have you been clothes shopping for all the Christmas and New Year parties you’ll be attending?

If like me, the above sounds nothing like you, then join the club of the officially too old for lots of presents; Christmas is now for my kids and I couldn’t stay awake to attend a party even if I could find a childminder.

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Day 03 – Party & Bullish*t

Drugs and alcohol. Cocaine and vodka. MDMA and Hennessy. Heroine and lager. What’s your poison of choice?

I don’t have a problem with anyone who drinks. I do have a problem being around any of my family when they’re drunk. I also don’t like people who drink too much and can’t handle themselves.

Because of drugs, I was nearly sexually abused as a teenager in my family home by a man who thought my mum was too high to notice. The truth is, she would have been.

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