When All I Want To Do Is Sleep…

If you’ve ever been depressed or suffered with anxiety (and I don’t know what else) then you may have experienced chronic fatigue. It is not a joke nor is it fun. You can sleep for hours and wake up tired or you can get a minimal amount of sleep and be tired but the bottom line is – you’re tired constantly.

Every day is a battle with yourself to get shit done, even the most basic shit, like get dressed or do your hair or feed the kids or don’t go back to sleep… no task is easy because it all requires so much effort and willpower that just living is hard work.

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Why I Still Need Medication To Be Me

Have you ever done something that affects your whole life but you don’t even realise until it’s all gone so badly wrong that it’s almost ruined everything?
I thought everything was fine because I was living in a bubble of my own creation called depression and anxiety.
Fast forward to 1st August with my life falling apart around me, my relationship near its end and me lost in a bubble of disinterest and tiredness and confusion. Mr Me has no idea I have been off my meds and feeling completely lost for a good few weeks at least.

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An Insight into an Anxious Mind

I still don’t know a lot about anxiety, why it happens or where it comes from. I am researching and trying to learn and understand more about this disorder that plagues my mind. Therapy has taught me that a lot of my problems stem from a dysfunctional childhood, not that it makes it any easier to live with it or deal with it.
Because in my mind I’ve been diagnosed with multiple life-threatening illnesses, my house has burnt down with my family inside, my children have died from SIDs, Mr.Me has been fatally wounded on his way home and I’ve died hundreds of different deaths.

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Want To Improve Your Life? So Do I

I’ve learnt that my childhood had a much bigger impact on me than I ever realised and I think I had hoped to avoid. As “normal” as people think I am, deep down, I clearly have issues. I have generalised anxiety disorder that manifests in so many ways from catastrophising about death and illnesses to panic attacks when I feel under pressure at work and being unable to make basic decisions at home like pizza or chinese (and the even more fucked up bit about it is that this lack of control stems from a need to control everything… makes sense right?!).

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10 Tips To Cope With Anxiety

Mental health, schmental health. For years, mental health problems were treated like folklore or something made up to scare children and adults.

Whatever it is that you’re dealing with, I want you to know you’re not alone, you’re not crazy and you can survive – there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s just a longer tunnel for some! In the meantime, while you travel through your personal tunnel looking for that light, here are 10 ways to help you cope in the darkness.

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