“A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.” — Honore de Balzac

In relationships (or mine at least), sometimes we have quiet days. Poor communication days. “I Love You So Much” days. Give me a break days. I need your help days. Stupid argument days. “I don’t even know how we have lasted this long” days (rare but not unheard of). Stressed about money days. Can’t keep my hands to myself days. I need some Me time days.

So when Mr Me sent me this message a year after our miscarriage and a month after our rainbow baby was born, it reminded me what it’s all about. What he’s all about. Why I love him.

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Mum’s The Word

You’re just my mum after all. I love you regardless of everything that has been shit in my life and led me to the place I am at now. But really? I’m not perfect, I know but I know you don’t realise how much you’re lack of apology, understanding and consideration impacts the people you birthed. That’s all.

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You’re No Good For Me…

I needed to say this. I needed to say this because I was thinking it and it was getting to me and I couldn’t do anything about it because I don’t want to argue with people when I know I could be in the wrong. I don’t want to argue with people when I know I am already short-tempered and emotional. I don’t want to argue with people when I know I would be wasting my time. So I wrote it all down instead.

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Day 01 – Mr & Mrs Me

I was rushed, I was bullied, I was sinking, I was pretending, I was crying and trying not to cry, I was running away and I was depressed. But he was there through it all. And if there is anything on my blog he ever happens to read one day, I hope it will be this post alone so that he can know how much he has been to me since the beginning.

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The Ultimate Relationship Revelation

We are so far from perfect but it’s real life and it’s us.

His socks still smell bad enough to make me look for a shitty nappy that’s been left somewhere and he still tries to talk to me while I’m trying to take a dump. I’m still the person who talks the most nonsense when I’m fighting sleep and says some of the most obvious things known to mankind when they don’t need to be said at all.

It’s not about being perfect – it’s about finding someone who loves your imperfect and finding the perfect balance!

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Why I Still Need Medication To Be Me

Have you ever done something that affects your whole life but you don’t even realise until it’s all gone so badly wrong that it’s almost ruined everything?
I thought everything was fine because I was living in a bubble of my own creation called depression and anxiety.
Fast forward to 1st August with my life falling apart around me, my relationship near its end and me lost in a bubble of disinterest and tiredness and confusion. Mr Me has no idea I have been off my meds and feeling completely lost for a good few weeks at least.

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