Please Don’t Touch Me There!

I went through a phase that included a hell of a lot of alcohol and a “Fuck Men and their feelings, I’m gonna get mine” attitude. And in hindsight, I’ve had some pretty bad experiences because of this. I’ve had plenty of non-committed alcohol induced sexual experiences and I’m not ashamed of that.

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Guilt Sex

They patiently wait for the green light to land, highly anticipating fireworks and passion like never before.

Then the time comes.
Green for go. And all of that excitement and need and lust seems to disappear on a mid-cycle mood that isn’t really a mood but it’s not screaming “jump on me” either.

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Attention Whore

I am a self-confessed attention whore. There are people around me I know I can contact when I want to feel wanted. When I want to feel excited. When I want to be reminded that outside of my life, I am still sexy and desired and my other half is a fool if he doesn’t think he should be slightly insecure.

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