Dear Mini Me 1…

It’s International Women’s Day so I wanted to write this letter to you today.

Why am I writing this letter to you?

Because I know one day you are going to be an amazing woman who will make us proud in anything you do.


You’re a leader in the best way – you manage to get what you want while allowing others to feel like they got it their way.

You’re patient – even when your brother is behaving badly and you could have retaliated in kind, you rarely hurt him back.

You’re loving – you’re not afraid to love your family whenever you want to and I know life wouldn’t be the same without those random hugs and “I love you”s. I dread the day you grow up and stop sharing that emotion.


You’re sensitive – some might think this is a weakness but it isn’t. Learn to not take things so personally but also allow the things that get to you to help you grow. You’ve got this baby girl!

You’re beautiful inside and out and I hope you grow up to embrace that lovely head of naturally, black hair; that amazing skin tone; the few random beauty spots and those dark eyes. Black is beautiful Princess.


You love pink and glitter and fluff whilst also loving watching football with daddy, listening to Grime music and playfighting anyone who will play with you.

You just turned 5 on Sunday and it feels like you turned 15 because your attitude stinks right now… you never know when to keep your mouth closed and can’t help but to answer back, wind up your little brother and dig yourself a deeper hole when you’ve already been told off for forgetting your manners. I know you don’t understand entirely what you’re doing wrong but I also know you’re a very smart little girl and will push the limits if you think you can get away with it – you can’t, just to let you know.


You are you. You are amazing. You are a future Queen. You will forever be my first born, my baby girl, a leader, a fighter, a daughter, a sister. A woman. I have nothing but hopes and dreams for the best life you can possibly have.

I love you.





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  1. What a precious letter, you must keep this for her in a special place! I love how parents these days are encouraging girls to be all they are, and hold the hope for their fullness in the image of God! Beautiful tribute on this day!

    1. Unsigned, Emmie says:

      I must remember to print it out and put it away somewhere for her! I just want her to love herself in all her greatness and beauty xo

  2. Emily Anne says:

    What a beautiful letter for your little girl to look back on someday! Such beautiful things to say to her that will be so helpful to her as she grows up, and I can see that she is always going to have a very strong bond with you!

    1. Unsigned, Emmie says:

      One can only hope puberty doesn’t destroy that LOL xo

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