Hallow Be Thy Name

Day 04: Your views on religion

I don’t really talk religion on my blog or anywhere online. I’m not one of those people to force my belief on others but I’m not ashamed to have faith.

I believe in God and I have faith, albeit a somewhat questionable and non-orthodox version of it. pablo(16)

I pray, my children pray before bed, and  I try to talk to people who have a strong faith in God, mainly Jehovah Witness’. These people keep me grounded and always encourage me in my journey when I am struggling (as I am now!).

I have struggled with my faith since I had a miscarriage in 2013 but I don’t think I have a religion which makes it hard for me to find a church to join as they all seem to belong to a religious denomination which doesn’t entirely fit in with my beliefs.

I respect other religions and I always seek further knowledge if I want more information. I toyed with the idea of Islam as I do like some of it’s values but deep down, I just can’t be “religious” as such.

Are you religious? Do you have views on religion? Let me know below.


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