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I’ve been so quiet on my blog recently but there has been so much going on that my mind just hasn’t been in the blogging game. I do love blogging and I know people love consistent bloggers who post multiple times a week and have never ending ideas for amazing content – I will never be that person but I am always genuine so don’t give up on me just yet!

Mr Me & I are definitely in a better place than we were in the beginning of August. We are having sex again, talking more and enjoying each others company. We also play fight a lot but our play fighting is like something out of UFC and we both end up with a bruise or two… It sounds a bit crazy but it’s a bit of a turn on secretly! More about this in the challenge…

Mental Health
I am so unsure about everything at the moment. Most of the time I am pretty indifferent about most things. My paroxetine dosage was upped a few weeks ago as I was actually feeling worse than when I started it and now I don’t have those insane lows that reduced me to a day of tears but I don’t have much of anything else either. I have had about 17 therapy sessions now (17 hours of trying to understand my anxiety and feeling like I haven’t got far enough) and they are coming to an end. I don’t know what happens next and I definitely don’t feel good about that – I need so much more but I can’t afford to fix myself “privately” so lets hope this doesn’t set me back!

Paroxetine (blue), Multivitamin (yellow & some active bacteria to keep thrush away! 

So as you know by now, I have the 2 Mini Me’s. Mini Me 1 gave us a bit of a scare this week with some insane abdominal pain and a lot of vomiting – I was super anxious about appendicitis but it turns out her stomach was super sensitive to a virus she was suffering from and that was causing her contraction like pain. Needless to say, I don’t want to experience that again! Mini Me 2 will be turning 2 in a week tomorrow but I feel like he has had a mental leap in the last few weeks as his bad temperament has changed drastically and he is a much happier little boy now he is communicating better. Let’s hope that’s it for the terrible 2’s and move on…

I was suffering from a dreadful cold this last week which I caught from Mini Me 2. According to my Twitter feed, Autumn/Winter is the best time of the year ever. Everyone loves the winter environment, the wardrobe choices are the best, the make-up colours are lush and Costa/Starbucks add some festive choices to their menu… yay! What they didn’t mention was that the rapid change from 32 degree heatwave London to September averages introduces the beginning of the cold and flu season.
My advice to all: think clean eating. Cayenne pepper, garlic, sweet peppers (antioxidants), eggs (zinc), orange juice, hot honey and lemon, mushrooms and homemade chicken soup. Add some Bronchostop (this stuff works everytime), some red tiger balm and lots of water and you should be feeling better in about 3 days.

For an omelette I made on Day 1 of my cold

So, I’m starting a 30 day challenge on 1st October which I will do through my blog. I can’t wait to start as I know that some of the days will develop into some crazy blog posts as well as allowing my followers to get to know me a lot better. It’s one of the first things I’ve been excited about in a long time so I know it’s something I need to do for me! A few people might think it’s unoriginal and a bit of a cop out but there’s so many challenges available that it’s not impossible to do one that fits your blog.CtZBX4FWIAAKqxC

I’m not a book blogger because I don’t have enough time to sit and read the books I want to or the money to buy them BUT I have been a bookie since the day I learnt to read. Right now, there are so many books on my reading wish list that I feel like the list will never end but grow and I will probably die without reading everything I want to! Some of the more recent additions to my list include: Shutter Island, You, Gentlemen & Players and The Girl With All The Gifts. The book I started with is The Kite Runner and I’m loving everything about it so far!
Image result for the kite runner

At the moment, we are loving property programmes – Location, Location, Location; Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away & The Block. I’m also watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning and I’m on season 2 – I love it but Mr Me isn’t interested like he was with Scandal.

That’s it for now but I’m going to be back tomorrow with Day 1 of my challenge.

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