Chicken, Mushroom & Spinach Curry

I know I don’t do food on my blog but someone on Twitter asked me for this recipe so just read it, try it and enjoy!

Once upon a time (in February 2016) I joined Slimming World and had a Slimming World blog. It was actually quite a success considering I didn’t last very long at Slimming World BUT I do believe in what they do. I believe in the 3rd of every meal to be fruit/veg and I still have their lists of speed foods etc.

This is a curry I made in my first week which is packed with protein and “speed” foods for those who care and is just a healthy curry option for those who don’t!

I took this Slimming World recipe and tweaked it a bit to make my own version of a protein packed, super speedy, super free chicken curry.


The only difference is I didn’t add yoghurt and I only used red peppers. I added butter beans at the same time I added the chopped tomatoes (you can leave out the beans if you don’t want or need the extra protein!).wp-1454964390718

Other than that, I seasoned to taste with some garlic granules, salt and pepper, paprika, cumin and garam masala plus the curry powder as instructed. I also used boneless, skinless chicken thigh fillets instead of breast meat. Voila!



  1. The more veggies added in the better for me, i love a bit of crunch etc in my curry and get bored if its just chicken etc!

  2. It does look great I am all for putting spinach in curry’s it does make a lovely healthy addition.

  3. Rachel says:

    This sounds amazing to me, though I would remove butter beans as I cannot stand them x

    1. Unsigned, Emmie says:

      I don’t mind butter beans… at one point I was obsessed with them hence how they ended up in this curry LOL but I probably wouldn’t add them now xo

  4. ChelseaMamma says:

    That looks delicious, not thought about putting mushrooms or spinach in a curry

    1. Unsigned, Emmie says:

      Whenever I go on a better eating stint, I always add spinach and mushrooms to everything LOL xo

  5. Jess says:

    This sounds lovely, I love mushrooms in curry! Don’t know much about Slimming World but definitely agree that having plenty of fruit and veggies is great 🙂

    1. Unsigned, Emmie says:

      I love mushrooms with nearly everything… Mr Me actually doesn’t like mushrooms so it’s a bit awkward LOL! xo

  6. This looks and sounds absolutely delicious – my type of curry!

    1. Unsigned, Emmie says:

      If you try it, definitely let me know what you think and if you make any changes! xo

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