Christmas: A Sign of Times

Do you wish it could be Christmas everyday? Have you been rocking around the Christmas tree since firework night finished? Have you been clothes shopping for all the Christmas and New Year parties you’ll be attending? 

If like me, the above sounds nothing like you, then join the club of the officially too old for lots of presents; Christmas is now for my kids and I couldn’t stay awake to attend a party even if I could find a childminder.

As the supposed responsible adult Christmas is now all about saving money to afford presents & good food, planning who’s parents to visit when and making sure everything is ready on time – from buying presents to getting the dinner out of the oven.

What used to be a day of excitement – emptying stockings, having breakfast, opening loads of presents and relaxing for the rest of the day – as a child has now become a time of realisation that none of that happened by itself. My mum must have worked her ass off to make everything run so smoothly!

Funnily enough, I’m not stressed about it or even worried. I know everything will happen as it should and we will have a great day watching the children’s bright eyes, excited laughter and having our first Christmas together at home. 

I just can’t believe I’m closer to 30 than I am to 20; a mother to 2 under 5; and doing everything my mum used to do. I am officially an adult, I’m getting old and I don’t think I was ready for it! When did this happen?! Isn’t there an exam or something I need to pass to be sure I’m really good at this?

Anxiety is a lot about wanting to control everything and unfortunately time and aging defy me every minute of everyday… I’m trying to not panic because I know it’s fruitless but can we just slow down a little so I can catch up… Please? 

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