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So March saw me completely exhaust myself. I haven’t been to the gym for 3 weeks but I am going back this week; I only managed to blog 7 times in March (still pretty good for me tbh) but I did have some of my most views ever which I will talk about in a different post. I don’t have the energy or mind capacity to think of 3/4 posts a week but I am trying to be as regular as I possibly can be. I saw this About Me Tag post on Glam Glitz Gloss and thought I would make it my next post as I’m anonymous and love to share as much about me as possible!
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Red or White Wine? There is literally only one wine I will drink and it’s a Sparkling Summer Fruits Rosé
City or Countryside? City. I’ve lived in London my whole life except the one year I lived by the seaside and it wasn’t for me. If we were to move, we would move to a city like Rotterdam or the suburbs of a city like Crawley LOL.
Cats or Dogs? I grew up with cats and then we got a dog. Both have too much fur for my liking but I prefer dogs because they don’t knit when they purr.
Sweet or Savoury? Sweet. That’s why I’m overweight and need to go back to Slimming World and gym 4 days a week!
Dresses or Jeans? This is hard – I love looking at dresses but I’m normally in jeans.
Heels or Flats? I have a bad habit of buying heels I never wear. I have a stupid high arch which makes wearing heels painful after about 15 minutes but they look so pretty. Flats is my answer I guess…
Beyonce or Taylor Swift? Beyonce because her music slays but Mini Me 2 is currently obsessed with listening to “Shake It Off” by TS
Tea or Coffee? Tea. I have no idea what’s wrong with the taste buds of people who actually enjoy coffee… that stuff is like poison in a cup.
Divergent or Hunger Games? Never seen Divergent and only watched the first Hunger Games so I guess Hunger Games.
Blog posts or YT videos? Blog posts all the way. I watch YT videos for natural hair tutorials and hair wraps but that’s as far as it goes.
Skincare or Make-up? Skincare but I’m shit at both because I’m lazy
Night or Morning? Night but I’m hoping Morning soon. I have set a goal to get up at 6 am 3 times a week to go to the gym and be home by 7.30am. Maybe twice a week. Apparently, all the successful people are waking up at 5 am and stuff.
Pizza or Burgers? Pizza! Since I was a child, pizza has been my thing. I tried to eat a pizza the day I got braces and it was absolute torture but I tried.
Books or Magazines? Books on the Kindle and I’ve just started borrowing from the library again but I do try to get the Cosmopolitan every month.
Facebook or Twitter? This is hard!! I use them both for different things. Hmm. I can’t choose, sorry!
Summer or Winter? Summer! I hate the cold. I hate rain. I hate snow. I hate ice. I hate heating bills. I’m in the wrong country…
Digital or Film Photos? Digital. I take digital photos then get them printed for the photo albums and frames around the house. If I lost my hard drive I think I would cry for days, months even.

What is your favourite….?
City? London. But only because I haven’t visited any other cities as an adult.
Book? I have too many… I love romance, crime, thriller, self-help… a few I’ve recently read include “The Other Wives Club”, “I Am That Girl”, “The Kite Runner” & “The Girl With All The Gifts”. Variety is the spice of life so they say!
Movie? I always say Save The Last Dance since I was a teen but I’d now like to add The Wolf of Wall Street; Pain & Gain; Suicide Squad and The Equalizer to the list.
TV Show? I’m one of those people who binge-watch shows and top of my list is Scandal; Being Mary Jane; Lethal Weapon; Greys Anatomy and My 600lb Life (random I know!).
Perfume? I currently own and love Gucci Guilty Intense & Agent Provocateur Fatale (my special occasion scents); Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire & DKNY My NY (my everyday scents). I actually only bought one of these for myself as well LOL.
Nail Polish? I go through phases of loving to paint my nails and not being bothered. Right now, I’m not bothered because my nails keep breaking.
Skincare item? Garnier Micellar Water because it does the job it says on the bottle and doesn’t cost an arm and leg.
Lipstick? The Kylie Lip Kits are amazing but a bit sticky. I am in love with the Clinique colour pop colours with added primer. You have to reapply quite a few times though if you don’t have that lipstick sealer thingy everyone talks about.
Foundation? I only use BB creams and I’m in need of a new one to be fair. I’m looking at the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water (£27) or Dr Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm Cream if I don’t want to spend over £10.
Food? I eat too much as I’ve mentioned already in this post. I love lamb in any way but always medium/well. If I’m choosing to eat terribly, it normally involves Indian food or Zing Zing chinese (no MSG).
Dessert? All things chocolate but I’m particularly loving salted caramel ice cream at the moment. Bakewell tart. Chocolate brownies. Anything? Lord, please help me lose weight!
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Place to eat in London? Rum Kitchen has to be one of my favourite places to go with friends or Mr Me – their pulled pork burger is amazing, their drinks are lethal and it’s just a good time. Khans in Notting Hill is another family favourite. I don’t get to go to many places but on my list are Aqua The Shard; Blues Kitchen Camden; The Union Tavern; and Delhi Grill.
Alcoholic Drink? Brandy, mainly. Occasionally SoCo. Oh, and Jaeger bombs are good for getting completely fuxked.
Non-Alcoholic Drink? Tea or Water. I don’t really like squash and I cut out fizzy drinks back in December so unless I’m drinking alcohol which is like twice a year, then that’s all I’m drinking.
Actor/Actress? Gabrielle Union; Morris Chestnut; Leonardo DiCaprio and Kerry Washington.
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Singer/Band? Machel Montano; Bruno Mars; Stormzy & Kehlani (the last 3 artist’s most recent albums are life right now!)
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What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Being a mum. If you thought adulting was hard, adulting whilst being responsible for other lives every day is insane. Trying to make these little people grow up into responsible, well-balanced adults isn’t a joke. The pressure…
When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I was always good at listening to people so I’ve always thought about a career that involves helping other people but I secretly love working in real estate too LOL. As you can see, I am still totally lacking direction as I approach 30.
What are some things that scare you?
I have anxiety. Anything can scare me.
What was your life like growing up in high school?
I went to a mixed community school and was bullied for about 2-3 years. I hated school but my home life wasn’t amazing so I didn’t have much of an escape. I self-harmed. I managed to get all A-C grades in my GCSE’s. I lost my virginity (not at school lol). When I was finished being bullied, I became a bit of a bully myself. School sucked but I wish I had done some things different in hindsight.
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
All those quizzes that know the answer tell me I’m an introvert and I guess that come’s with the depression and anxiety. When I was working, I used to go out quite a lot with colleagues and be quite social. When I left, that all changed. I’ve met up with one person from work only once in nearly a year. I don’t really speak to anyone on the phone, I don’t meet up with anyone because it’s hard work and erm yeah. How exciting is my life?! I feel sorry for Mr Me a lot of the time for being stuck with someone as boring as me when we are both still young. Sorry.
So there’s a little (quite a lot really) about me that you had no reason to know but now do. I’d love to know more about you guys so if you do post this tag leave me your link so I can be nosey and read your answers!


  1. This is a lovely post idea and it is nice to get to know about the person behind the blog.

  2. Lauren says:

    I’m tempted to do a post like this!

    1. Unsigned, Emmie says:

      They’re good to do when you’re stuck for ideas and also when you want to reconnect with people etc and maybe even reconnect with yourself xo

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