11 Real Thoughts I Have During My Period

  1. Oh *awkward face* I know that feeling. I hope I have supplies in my bag otherwise there’s a problem. *proceed to walk really slow OR rush to the bathroom with your bag*
  2. My entire womb is falling out – that’s the only reasonable conclusion for this amount of pain whilst not in labour. Only to be proven wrong the following month. Image result for period thoughts
  3. I really want chocolate/junk food but I am going to be wise and eat a banana and chicken salad instead. Then proceed to eat the whole house and order takeaway.a1be993ec4671d7cf4dfbee57072b7e8.jpg
  4. Why is it not starting properly? What is the point of all of this spotting?
  5. I will take the spotting! Please, just make it stop pouring everytime I move the slightest or sneeze or cough.
  6. I will go to the gym through my period because it will be good for me. *wraps up in duvet with hot water bottle, hot chocolate and chinese food then locks the front door…*Image result for period thoughts
  7. Why am I SO bloated?? I only ate 2 medium pizzas, 4 slices of cheesy garlic bread, a cookie dough with ice cream and some chinese. It’s not fair!
  8. I wonder how many eggs I have left now… Image result for period thoughts
  9. How much alcohol can I safely mix with my painkillers?
  10. How much alcohol can I safely consume without regretting it because everybody knows your alcohol tolerance level is way lower when it’s that TOTM
  11. I am not looking forward to menopause but I am because no more periods… after having the worst periods of your life for a while.

What does your period make you think or feel? Comment below and let me know. If you’re a guy, let me know what you’ve learnt not to say or do to women during their TOTM!


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