I just sat here and wrote about 5 or so blog post titles and saved them. But I didn’t write anything.

I am so tired right now. Mentally and physically.

Mini Me 2 hasn’t been sleeping properly for weeks and I am really feeling it. He is also feeling it and his unhappy tears are pushing me close to my own tears. If you’re so tired, just sleep so I can sleep and we can all feel better!

Mentally, I just can’t seem to get “with it”. I don’t want to do anything and I am managing the bare minimum. I didn’t go to the gym for over a week up until yesterday and the cold outside is definitely not encouraging me either.

I want a holiday. I want sunshine and cocktails and freedom. I want fun and relaxation.

I want happiness but I have no idea where to find it.

I have been trying to pray and to read “God Knows My Name”.

Something has to give. I am just so tired.

A proper blog post will come. Just not today.



  1. thepurplebug says:

    The sun will come back eventually. I mean it has to right?

    1. Unsigned, Emmie says:

      It has to if we want it to I guess xo

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