Weekly Round-Up: 23.04.17


General stats of the week (Monday – Sunday):

  • Good days: 2, Okay days: 2, Bad days: 3.
  • Books read: Captured by Our Addiction (Book 5 in the Captured series) by Karen Frances
  • Time’s I’ve Worked Out: 0. No T25 and no gym. I was bleeding like a dog. Leave me.
  • Time’s I’ve Eaten Terribly: Too many to count and I don’t have Easter as an excuse anymore.
  • Times I’ve had to listen to Sleep With Me podcast: 3 I think. My anxiety and insomnia were pretty bad this week. I love that this podcast exists!
  • Days I’ve wondered if I’d be better off without Mr Me: 3. Possibly 4. These accounted for my bad days.
  • Jobs I’ve applied for: 20 maybe. Having gone from pure anxiety thinking about applying to being able to apply for multiple jobs is a massive thing for me, even if I get 0 responses!


Favourite blog reads:

Quote of the week:

Be a pineapple: Stand tall; wear a crown and be sweet on the inside

Blog stats of the week:

  • Most viewed blog post: A Day in The Life of a Stay at Home MH Mama
  • Number of blog posts sitting in my Drafts folder: 17!
  • Advice that I have given that I actually need to listen to: None. I have not been in the best position to give advice this week.
  • Scheduled posts: 0. It’s very rare I have enough time to write more than one post at a time.
  • Blog post that got lots of support and comments: Blog Stats ║Q1 2017

Things that have been out of the ordinary this week:

  • I actually communicated my feelings with Mr Me instead of holding it all in.
  • We had two family days with Mr Me off work!! It was amazing and much needed.
  • Mr Me got a new job and starts in a week.
  • I applied for some jobs 🙂
  • Watched Creed & Get Out with Mr Me and loved them both.

How’s your week been? Let me know in the comments xo


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