Window Shopper

I have what I would call a Champagne/Fillet Mignon taste when it comes to shopping on what can only be considered a corner shop bottle of plonk/fillet-o-fish budget. I love going online, knowing there is 0 funds in my bank account and my credit card has maxed out, and placing things in my basket. We might as well call it an imaginary basket because I will never be able to buy any all of those things (for now).


My Amazon basket currently holds 106 items not including 25 on a wish list which are “saved for later”. And the number will grow as I find more things I want.

Dressipi on also has a similar number on the wish list. I love dressipi suggestions and once had about £800 worth of clothes in my actual basket… which I was never going to be able to afford.


Online window shopping makes me happy until I can’t checkout. Please don’t be confused, I was employed up until last month. And I was of the impression I would just fall into a job because my CV is amazing and my experience is amazing and why wouldn’t anyone want me?! Apparently, I was wrong. So here I am, unemployed, broke and window shopping with an even smaller chance of buying anything.

I want to work part-time right now for various reasons but I can’t lie and say I haven’t considered working full-time just because of money alone. I want that life. I want to have spare cash to spend on what I want. Even if I am supposed to be saving. I will save.. maybe just a bit less than I could if I didn’t spend. Mr.Me might not agree so I maybe wouldn’t share this information with him. I think that’s okay – it’s not lying… it’s withholding some information.

The bottom line is, window shopping is therapy. It’s fulfilling to look at all of those luxuries and think about the day you don’t have to think about them – you can just buy them. And the internet has just made it so much easier. I think it is a small miracle I only have one credit card which has only been used for emergencies because as much as I want these things, my rational side knows better than to get credit cards to fund that desire because I have an addictive personality and once I start, it will spiral way out of my control.

That’s why I’m online now (aside from writing this post).. to look at beautiful things I can’t have. So, sue me!

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