Day 01 – Mr & Mrs Me

Day 01: Your current relationship. If single, how is single life? 

I could talk forever about my current relationship. I’ve shared on this blog before about how mental health has affected our relationship, how trust issues developed in our relationship and what I think about sex in relationships. I don’t think I’ve given much away about the ins and outs of my relationship…

I started talking to Mr Me back in the days of MSN when I was just 13. We had friends who were friends and MSN groups were created. I was in the female version of his teenage “squad” (because it wasn’t a gang for the record) so this meant I automatically received the emails of everybody in the male counterpart to add to that group and Mr Me was in that list.

After hours of talking on the phone (let’s all have a moment of silence for the £5 5 day pass with T-Mobile) and on MSN, I met Mr Me only a handful of times before we were “going out” as agreed online in June 2005.
As I mentioned in this Relationship Revelation post, too much happened way too young for us and we were always destined to failure. How many people do you know that got together at the age of 14 and stayed together, forever? We didn’t know what love was, we were too young to even consider a serious relationship (I mean at 14, I will be encouraging my children to focus on school and extra-curriculur activites and not getting their minds/hearts confused with pubescent relationships) and we were definitely too young to be having unprotected sex (this happened when we were 15).Screenshot_20161001-204608~2

I cheated on him way too many times. He enjoyed the attention of other females way too much. My home life was completely dysfunctional – a 16 year old boy shouldn’t be trying to deal with his 16 year old self-harming girlfriend and his house was like a sanctuary for me. Up until this day, I have no idea how much his mum knows about my home life. We have had so many conversations over the last 10+ years that I can’t even remember everything I told her, I just feel like she knew somehow that I needed to be there and she let me be.

Once we broke up at the end of 2008, there was a weird love-hate relationship between Mr Me & myself. We had no trust in each other. We harboured a lot of anger towards each other. At times, we didn’t even like each other. But by this point, he was already a massive part of my life because he had been in my life at a time when everything was falling apart and he was my one constant. I used to think of him as some sort of saving grace and up to this day I believe he helped me to save myself. I know I will always love him because he never judged me at a time when nearly everyone else did. Screenshot_20161001-204815~2.png

I was rushed, I was bullied, I was sinking, I was pretending, I was crying and trying not to cry, I was running away and I was depressed. But he was there through it all. And if there is anything on my blog he ever happens to read one day, I hope it will be this post alone so that he can know how much he has been to me since the beginning. Screenshot_20161001-203911~2

Anyways, we got back together in January 2013 officially. We took things slowly and we also had Mini Me 1 before we got back together officially so had to learn how to parent together as well as learn about having an adult relationship. We have been living together since 2014 and Mini Me 2 will turn 2 on Thursday. Since getting back together, we have dealt with bereavements, pregnancies, our relationship nearly ending on more than 1 occasion, joint parenting, extended family issues and a whole load more. We have come so far since Mini Me 2 was born it’s unbelievable yet amazing. Screenshot_20161001-204002~2.png

I couldn’t ask for a better father to our children or a better man to call my other half. No matter what happens, I know I will always love him and we will always have a bond that no-one will understand.

I didn’t think this post would be so long but believe me it could have been longer! I told you this challenge would be interesting and this is only Day 01…


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