Just Love Me… Please

To Mr Me,

Sometimes, all I want to hear is “it’s okay to feel how you’re feeling right now. You’ve been through so much and so much change is happening right now so soon after your withdrawal but you’ve got this! This too shall pass. You can do this”. And give me a hug. That’s all.

No placating or trying to change my feelings or anything else that isn’t really helping me, its more for you. Because it’s easier for you if I try to be positive right now rather than accept that I’m struggling and it’s only been a day. But this day came so suddenly that I feel like I haven’t quite caught up with it all and I can’t catch my breath!

Juat accept this moment I’m in and ride the wave with me. Don’t try to change my direction. Be my life buoy when I feel like I’m drowning. Right now, I don’t need a compass. I just need you to validate my feelings and show me you understand.

I don’t want to be managed or advised or anything along those lines. I just need you to love me, please.

Love you always,  Me

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