“A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.” — Honore de Balzac

“Ever since 2005 when I met you, I’ve always been in awe of your beauty. Since having our second child you have grown into an even more stunning and amazing women of which I cannot stay away from – physically, mentally or just to look at. Thank you for giving me 2 great children and thank you for being my woman. You are doing a great job so stop doubting yourself – you’re a great mum and great wife. I believe we are married and bound together in the eyes of God by our hearts but I will marry you because you have all the qualities in a woman I need in my life to keep me stable and happy. I Love You.” – Mr Me, November 2014.

We all have our bad days. Good days. Stressed days. Sad days. Tired days. Excited days.

In relationships (or mine at least), sometimes we have quiet days. Poor communication days. “I Love You So Much” days. Give me a break days. I need your help days. Stupid argument days. “I don’t even know how we have lasted this long” days (rare but not unheard of). Stressed about money days. Can’t keep my hands to myself days. I need some Me time days.


So when Mr Me sent me this message a year after our miscarriage and a month after our rainbow baby was born, it reminded me what it’s all about. What he’s all about. Why I love him. 

So I saved it. And I keep it with me, for those not so great days. Those days when things look a little bleak & I feel like I need a miracle. This is my pick me up. This is my reminder of why I choose him every time. 


This is my reminder of the date night days. The great sex days. The know just what you need days. The “here, I bought you a gift for no reason” days. The school crush days. The butterflies. The laughter. The kisses and cuddles. The time and effort and love and patience. The growth.


What keeps you going? What do you hold onto in the hard times? What’s your reminder of why they’re “The One”? Let me know in the comments. 


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