Blog Stats ║Q1 2017

So, every 3 months I write about my blog traffic. Previously, I was using my Jetpack stats as I messed up Google Analytics but that’s all fixed now so it should be a more accurate review!

My most popular posts were mainly how-to guides and fitness which I love and hope are helping someone somewhere!

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5 Ways To Find Blogging Inspiration When Your Mental Tank Is On Empty!

We all have those days or weeks or months when we know we should be doing something – whether it’s blogging, writing our first novel, cleaning the house etc – but it just isn’t happening.

It’s safe to say I am pooped and finding time to blog is something I’m struggling with followed by having something to actually blog about. So, it made the most sense to write about what I’m doing to get inspiration for future blog posts when I finally utilise my 3 free hours a day to write them…

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Defying Expectations: My Dysfunctional Family

This morning, I had a random scenario play in my mind of Mini Me 1 (4yo) trying to find food for herself and Mini Me 2 (almost 2yo) because Mummy isn’t awake to feed them. I could see her using her little step stool to try and reach things, trying to find something for her little brother that he will eat, wanting cereal but being unable to get to it on top of the fridge.

This has never, in her life or her brother’s, happened and it never will. But just imagining them going through that nearly reduced me to tears and I had to wonder if those tears were for the thought of my children ever suffering like that or if it related to some surpressed memories of my own childhood… maybe a bit of both?

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3 Months of Summer Update

Well, I’ve officially been blogging for 3 months and I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone and how much has happened and is still happening! In 3 months, I’ve talked about infidelity, shared my mental health deteriation, talked politics and tried my first Lush products! It’s only right we cover the last 3 months and current updates I think…

From Stats to Life, what’s been going on is all here!

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An Insight into an Anxious Mind

I still don’t know a lot about anxiety, why it happens or where it comes from. I am researching and trying to learn and understand more about this disorder that plagues my mind. Therapy has taught me that a lot of my problems stem from a dysfunctional childhood, not that it makes it any easier to live with it or deal with it.
Because in my mind I’ve been diagnosed with multiple life-threatening illnesses, my house has burnt down with my family inside, my children have died from SIDs, Mr.Me has been fatally wounded on his way home and I’ve died hundreds of different deaths.

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Want To Improve Your Life? So Do I

I’ve learnt that my childhood had a much bigger impact on me than I ever realised and I think I had hoped to avoid. As “normal” as people think I am, deep down, I clearly have issues. I have generalised anxiety disorder that manifests in so many ways from catastrophising about death and illnesses to panic attacks when I feel under pressure at work and being unable to make basic decisions at home like pizza or chinese (and the even more fucked up bit about it is that this lack of control stems from a need to control everything… makes sense right?!).

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