27 Things Every 20 Something Year Old Should Know How To Do

In your early teens, you can’t imagine being 25 let alone what your life might be like realistically but you definitely aren’t thinking about the skills you’re going to need as an official “adult”.

Adulting is hard.

Every adult is looking for another adult who is adulting better than they are to save their ass in times of need… until they become that adultier adult that a less adulting adult is looking for!

So, what kind of things should we know to be even semi-successful in this unexpected adulting life we find ourselves in before we even realised? Here’s a list of the top skills I think all 20 something-year-olds need to know!

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14 Lessons School Couldn’t Teach Me About Life

Being in my mid-twenties, with two children under 5, a long-term relationship, bills to pay, unsure of my career future, hopeful for a brighter future, going to therapy with plans to go to counselling, more notches on my bedpost than I care to admit and definitely too many drunken nights than I’m able to remember…
I think it’s safe to say there are a lot of things I’ve learnt along the way that school definitely couldn’t have prepared me for!

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