Why I Feel Unpretty (And 6 Quotes To Help You Remember You’re Beautiful!) ║ Mind, Body & Soul

My waist isn’t small and my bum isn’t toned. My thighs are too fatty and my breasts too saggy. My freckles are awesome but my confidence doesn’t exist. Do you see the problem?

I know I have to keep trying. Keep trying to get to a place where I am happy and comfortable with my body. A place where I am confident in my physical attraction. A place where I remember how beautiful my mind can be too.

A place where I am happy to just be me, as I am.

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Attention Whore

I am a self-confessed attention whore. There are people around me I know I can contact when I want to feel wanted. When I want to feel excited. When I want to be reminded that outside of my life, I am still sexy and desired and my other half is a fool if he doesn’t think he should be slightly insecure.

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