13 Ways To Get Motivated When Life Gets You Down

Sometimes I’m not feeling myself – when you combine anxiety with unhappiness over ones self, it can blend into a feeling of insecurity, sensitivity and just plain self-pity. Other people shouldn’t love us more than we love ourselves but sometimes, that’s exactly what happens. Even thinking positive becomes hard, let alone making positive decisions to take positive actions. Even the most motivated people have bad patches, don’t let their social media accounts fool you!


I stopped going to a weight loss group weeks ago, considered going back multiple times but never did. I haven’t gained much weight if any but boy, do I beat myself up sometimes. I honestly think someone should shake me or slap me or both and tell me to get a grip at times. Luckily, I have the love of a good, patient and amazing man. My man loves me no end and he knows how to pick me up without carrying me the distance – he knows how to keep me going when I want to quit. He’s my rock.

Whether it’s weight loss, mental health, or life in general – here’s a few ways to motivate and love yourself again with or without a rock by your side (because, we should love ourselves enough regardless) 🙂

  1. Clean slate – whatever set you back, forget about it. Don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s done, it’s in the past, it can’t be changed. The future can be shaped. Wipe the slate clean and start the process anew.bfc263ac455630e6d58bbbf788de62ea
  2. Start small – this is something I had trouble understanding but I am slowly accepting. It is a lot easier to set very small goals and meet them – providing yourself with the motivation to keep going as opposed to setting massive, almost impossible goals and feeling disappointed when we don’t meet them. Take time. Be patient. Enjoy every small victory. (Google: “Weight loss countdown” for amazing ideas on how to measure those small weekly goals)
  3. Find inspiration – what inspires you? Create a mood board if you’re a visual person. A motivation wall. Write a list. Follow that persons social media account. Whatever or whoever inspires you, focus on them whenever you feel disheartened. I used to have a picture of my family on the wall at work which kept me motivated on slow days. I followed other people on weight loss journeys on instagram. I still have an idea of how I want my body to look. I know what dress size I want to be. I know what I want from my mind to be happier and mentally healthier. These are my little pieces of inspiration!
  4. Dance – dancing is proven to make us feel good. We are always dancing to something in my house and laughing while we do so. I love it. My Mr Me & Mini Mes love it. Whether we are being silly and dancing or listening to music and dancing together, we are always laughing and smiling and bonding. Plus, you burn calories when you dance – need I say more?
  5. Exercise – working out when you are stuck in a rut is one of the hardest things to do but it is probably one of the best things you can do. Exercise not only improves your physical health, it also helps to reduce anxiety and lowers your risk of other mental health conditions such as depression (maybe something I should remember when my anxiety kicks in). You’re likely to feel happier, have an improved self-image and a better sense of wellbeing if you’re physically active as well as getting a better nights sleep. Not to mention the calories being burned, helping on your weight loss or better health journey.for-you
  6. Visualise – Visualisation techniques aren’t difficult and you only need a few minutes a day to practise, though they need to be done regularly, preferably two or three times a day. I found this link to be amazing and my go to when I was at work. Once you write your visualisations down, keep that paper on you at all times! That way, you can take it out and look at it whenever you feel your self-discipline slipping.
  7. Reminder – Sorry, how far have you come? It’s important to remind yourself of all the amazing changes you’ve made and accomplishments you’ve achieved already. I used to remind myself that I was working out 4 times a week; I was eating more fruit and veg than ever before; I am actively trying to achieve my goals and I haven’t quit. Clap for yourself people! We are making change happen. Forget the setbacks. They pale in comparison to our awesomeness.
  8. Support – I cannot emphasize how much having the right support is essential to achieving any goal! Whether its weight loss, career, family or a life goal, surrounding yourself with positive support is a key to success. For me, my partner is my cheerleader. I used to attend group every week even when I didn’t want to because they are all on the same journey as me and they understand. I told everybody at work I was losing weight and anyone who didn’t help me I avoided. I stay away from negativity – a person who will remind me of how big I am or how many setbacks I’ve had because I need positivity to achieve my goals.
  9. Be proud – this generally should follow number 7 because once you’ve reminded yourself of how awesome you are, you should feel nothing but proudness, positivity, determination and motivation!
  10. Forget negative, think positive – If at the end of the day, you are only focusing on the bad, you will demotivate yourself. Instead of thinking I didn’t practice something I learnt from therapy today think “I didn’t have an anxiety attack today which is awesome”. Or “I didn’t achieve everything on my to-do list today” rethink “I made steps to achieve my goals on time”. Rewiring our brains to think positive is one of the hardest things to do and I am still learning how to do this. It’s not easy but it is so worthwhile. Every night before you go to bed, remind yourself of all the positive steps you’ve taken towards your goal and how proud you are. Then wake up and go again!
  11. Love yourself every day – do you love yourself? do you know how to love yourself? what does it mean to love yourself? I am still learning the answers to 2 of those questions and the answer to the first question is I am trying. All of these steps listed are on the route to loving yourself without you even realising. You are doing all of these things for positivity and happiness. To better yourself. Who goes to all that effort when they don’t love themselves? Someone who is trying. So don’t give up. I found there is something in this link for everybody who might need a boost or a simple reminder of the things we can do to love ourselves every day.
  12. Push yourself – we are capable of so many amazing things. We just don’t push ourselves hard enough to find out. When working out, never quit because it hurts. It’s not meant to be easy. Keep going. A tear might escape from your eye, your arms and legs might shake. But when you finish, you will feel a sense of accomplishment you’ve never felt before. Strengthen your mind because it will lead your body when it’s exhausted. This applies to lots of things in life too. When you want to quit your job because it’s too much or give up on your dream because it’s so far away. Strengthen your mind to fight another day.500_f_92223234_pvf2nxcx3kztt9mstasjo8jfifjq6rmm
  13. Never Give Up – there’s always tomorrow, next week and even next month. Call it a trial run. A test. A starter session to prepare yourself for the real thing. You’ve made it this far. Only you stand in your way now.16ab5bdce650b880af65ad50ea1a9162


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