9 Essentials For Successful Blogging

I’m no expert blogger but I’ve been blogging for long enough to know a few good tools when I see them! I would probably have a few more if I was any good at this photography lark but I’m not there yet so these are my blogging essentials for now.

  1. Pablo by Buffer – People have these lovely looking header/feature images which I used to be envious of but I’m all about making mine on Pablo. It’s simple, it’s free and it can be customised for different social networks. pablo exmp.png
  2. PicJumbo – my go-to for stock images although it is quite limited. I’m an anonymous blogger and I also don’t have all those fancy backgrounds and accessories etc to make the pretty pictures that blogs seem to feature these days so I generally use Stock photos and I’m not ashamed.
  3. Facebook Groups – I love the FB groups I’m a part of. They’re a great way to meet new people, find blogging opportunities, get real support and advice as well as promote your blog/blog posts. I actually don’t know what I would do without them!
  4. Google Analytics – examine your metrics! Look at what’s working, what people are reading and what they’re not so interested in. That is your niche. That is the things you should write about. I actually have a spreadsheet of my Blogging Stats (created by someone in one of my FB groups) – I don’t really know why but being the list type of person I am, I like keeping track of my metrics all in one spreadsheet. pablo (14).png
  5. Bloggers – These people matter. On Twitter, on FB, on whatever social network you’re using. These people will befriend you, help you, support you, and just make you feel less alone. Trust me, you need blogger folk.
  6. Headlines that make people want to read – thinking of a headline can be hard but just think: what have I read recently that made me click to read more? What have I googled recently and what results came up first?
  7. Plugins – I don’t know how this works on other webhosts but for me, being self-hosted on WordPress, Plugins have made so much difference to my blog. Whether it’s for Christmas themed changes or Social Media sharing features, there are plugins for practically everything and you should definitely start using some! My favourites have been Jetpack, Ultimate Social Media PLUS, Giphy and Christmas Countdown.
  8. Buffer – whether on your mobile or on the computer/laptop, Buffer is an amazing tool that helps you to schedule tweets/posts on various social networks. I use it for Twitter sometimes and it definitely makes it easier to know your Social page is active even when you haven’t had a chance to stop on it personally.buffer.png
  9. Hot Drink of choice! I don’t know why but I always make a cup of tea when I’m about to start blogging. It just works the brain juices. Whether it’s tea, coffee or hot chocolate, have one to hand when you start typing!

If you’re a blogger, what tools couldn’t you blog without? Comment below and let me know!



  1. Yay for Facebook groups! And Buffer has been a real help for me. It’s like having an extra set of hands. Great post 🙂

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